Louise M. . Collaboratively designed by architects and acousticians to create an auditorium that allows sound to rise to its very top, this modern but warm space captures and diffuses music throughout the audience, creating an intimate setting that belies the stature of the building itself.

With sweeping views of San Francisco City Hall and the War Memorial Opera House, the curved glass-enclosed lobby offers an unmatched view of San Francisco's Civic Center. The 2739-seat auditorium is ideal for concerts, speakers, readings and presentations. Named for the most generous benefactor of its construction, Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall is dedicated to the joy of music.

  • Performance Audience: 2739, including Terrace seating behind the stage

  • Standing Receptions: 1000, across multiple levels

Information by: sfwmpac.org

Davies Hall Interior Pano San Francisco Image courtesy of https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:DaviesHallInteriorPano.jpg